Ruth M. Batson Social Justice Award

In the fall of 2006, the Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership (DCP) established an annual award to be given during the Reflection in Action: building healthy communities™ (RIA) award ceremony. The award was named in honor of Ruth M. Batson who represented the vision and purpose of RIA. Honorees represent the qualities and values of Ruth Batson who: was an unrelenting advocate for those marginalized by society and for diversity in educational institutions, worked to improve individual and community health services, promoted awareness of educational opportunities and was a role model for civic engagement.

Past years award recipients

  • 2007: Susan Batson, CEO of Susan Batson Studio, LLC and Daughter of Ruth M. Batson
  • 2008: John M. Auerbach, Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health
  • 2009: JudyAnn Bigby, Massachusetts Secretary of Health
  • 2010: James C. Mullen, President and CEO of Biogen Idec
  • 2011: S. Allen Counter, DMSc, PhD, Director of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations
  • 2012: J. Keith Motley, Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • 2013: Dr. Carol R. Johnson, Superintendent, Boston Public Schools